The Bulletproof Coffee guy now wants us to drink oil in our water

A result of the recent venture capital investment in Bulletproof Coffee is that we all may soon be seeing in our local grocery store and the corner bodega……Fat Water.

Yes, that’s its name.


It’s the latest innovation from David Asprey the biohacker and entrepreneur behind Bulletproof Coffee.   You might be as drawn to FATWater as the legion of Bulletproof Coffee fans, or maybe skeptical of something called FATWater.

Here’s what you need to know.

Let’s Review:  What’s Bulletproof Coffee?

For those who like to bio-hack with coffee and may have been under a rock these past 5 years, Bulletproof Coffee is said to super-energize you from sunrise to 2-3pm on only 1 cup of the coffee.

Dave Asprey BUlletproof ExecutiveIt’s a cup of coffee preferably organic with grass-fed butter added (yes, we said butter) and raw organic coconut oil.   Let that seep in for a second.  Coffee with butter and coconut oil.

Dave Asprey says he discovered this from drinking yak butter in his tea in Tibet.

Bulletproof Coffee has a legion of followers.

And occasional detractors like Gizmodo.

Why Now?

Bulletproof Coffee just raised $9 million in venture funding led by Trinity Ventures.  “I want to build a $1 billion global brand, not an e-commerce website that reached a few hundred thousand people,” Bulletproof founder and chief executive — and former enterprise software guy — Dave Asprey told VentureBeat.

So he needs more products.  Guess what’s next?

Bottled Fatwater.

What’s FATWater?

It’s not the most attractively named product, but FatWater is intriguing.


The bottled drink infuses the patented coconut oil nanoparticles used in bulletproof coffee into water.  Asprey claims they help the body absorb water and increase hydration. It promises a “clean burning” fuel from fat, rather than the sugar found in many energy drinks.

Bulletproof says that they’ve been perfecting the product for 3 years.

The brilliance of FATWater is that it gives you an energy-boosting alternative to sugary drinks like Gatorade.

Will you try it?

It’s available now.  Let us know in the comments below