This man was banned from Starbucks for life for doing the right thing to help the handicapped

When this man opened a letter in the mail from the Starbucks in St. Petersburg Florida he thought they might be writing to thank him.   But what he got was something else.

Rob Rowen had politely asked drivers to not park illegally in the handicapped parking spot if they lacked stickers and were able to walk on their own.  You see, his son-in-law suffers from muscular dystrophy and is wheelchair-bound.  His son-in-law truly needs handicapped parking.  Rob has seen first hand how hard it is sometimes for his son-in-law to find a parking spot when able-bodied people without stickers use the handicapped parking for convenience.

The illegal parkers will not always nice.  He photographed one of them.  Things might have gotten heated.

The Starbucks district manager claims he was harassing customers.

See the story in this video.

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