Is this the Next Big Thing after the Cronut?

This is what heaven must be like.

It’s the Waffee.

As in a waffle, lined with chocolate and filled with coffee.

Australia-based based catering company See You Next Thursday has created the waffee.  It’s a crunchy waffle cup, lined with smooth chocolate and filled with coffee.

We think it’s worth flying to Australia just to sip one of these.

“We put our heads together and came up with the waffee to make the most environmentally sustainable cup around,” company owners Tipene and Chels say.

“Who says you can’t have your coffee and eat it too?”

The company specialises in canapés and coming up with unique creations such as smoked bacon cronuts – a croissant and donut hybrid – with a maple sauce injection. The invention of cronuts gained global attention in the food world.


“Food is like fashion; it’s forever evolving. So we are always trying to be on the forefront and make food that is more appealing, as people eat with their eyes,” the pair says.

The waffee is sold out of their mobile retro caravan cafe called Bruce and say it has been the most popular addition to their new menu.

Could the waffee be the next cronut?

We sure hope so.