This is our pick for the most awesome new coffee brewer of 2015

Right off you should know that we weren’t paid a penny to post this.

But this product is THAT cool, and it’s what we need as an industry and as coffee fanatics.

It’s the KitchenAid Siphon Coffee Brewer in the video above.

It’s another sign that we’re living in the golden age for coffee drinkers.

Siphon coffee has a huge cult following, you might have heard. Its full immersion of the coffee grinds with the water bring out more flavor and body than regular home brewing machines.

It involves a lot of steps and monitoring, so it’s complicated.  Which is maybe why it’s so popular in Japan the country that invented the intricate tea ceremony, where there’s now a World Siphonist Championship.

Most Americans aren’t willing to put up with this complicated somewhat dangerous process of using a siphon, cleaning it, and storing it.

Coffee siphons have been really niche, reserved for uber hipsters.

Kitchenaid has fixed all that.  Its new siphon appliance looks as easy as the home drip machines everyone has.

As an industry we need this to spread the adoption of cool coffee kitchen appliances that bring out the best flavors but are as easy to use as a Keurig.

And Kitchenaid has come a long way  from selling cheap kitchen countertop brewers to rebranding with its new “Craft Coffee Brewers” motto