The baristas at this cafe said no to their customers for the right reasons

Have you ever considered bringing your own reusable To Go Cup when ordering coffee, or having the coffee there in the cafe in a reusable cup? We didn’t think so, fewer than 2% of us use a reusable cup according to Starbucks.

This cafe wanted to test this out in the following video.

Customers ordering coffee were not prepared for what they heard, as you’ll see.

It’s really worth noting and spreading the word that if we used reusable cups at cafes could save 160 million disposable cups a day.

Pretty amazing number!

160 million cups coffee

This video was made by Klean Kanteen, which makes … you guessed it … a wide variety of to-go-type cups. Their other videos are great too in the #BringYourOwn/#LetsTalkAboutIt series, all talking about how we can cut down waste and preserve the environment by bringing our own cups.