A Coffee Cup on Kickstarter That Keeps Your Donut Warm, too

Why bother to break out two dishes for your coffee and your breakfast, when you could just combine them into one?

That’s the idea behind the Best. Morning. Ever mug, a Kickstarter-launched design that combines a coffee cup with a miniature plate, perfect for resting your fritter.

The 16-oz. porcelain mug is designed with a built-in hot plate covering to keep your coffee hotter, longer. Oh, and that lid is also perfect to rest a doughnut on, ensuring that your pastry gets a nice steaming and you save water on dishwashing.

With such a great idea and the Holiday Season around the corner they’re already raised almost $8,000 on Kickstarter.

Preorder it here for $15. Doughnut not included, sadly.

But you could buy a JavaLush subscription to go with it too, right?