This mom’s surprise act of kindness in a coffee shop put bullies in their place

A mom in Michigan was in line with her 22-month old baby daughter to buy coffee and some donut holes at a Tim Horton’s when 2 middle-aged strangers behind her in line began to insult her.

They made fun of her hair, how she looked, her weight.  They called her a whale.  They were bullies.

She recently lost 177 pounds so she took the criticism to heart.  She began to cry.

What she did next left her and us speechless.

She took the high road.

When her turn came at the counter she paid for her drinkers and those of the 2 nasty women behind her in line.  Then she left.

She must have left the women speechless because those two women haven’t been back since.

And her generosity and spirit to turn the other cheek have gone viral.

Check out this news story.