Monday Morning

7 Reasons You’re Waking Up All Wrong

We can’t wake up without our coffee.  And following these steps you’ll be well rested and wake up perfectly too.

1. You’re waking up in the dark

Monday Morning
Monday Morning

Light sets your body’s clock and wakes you up naturally. If you push yourself hard in the dark you’ll still be tired until daylight. If you just have to wake up in the dark anyway then put on bright lights throughout your home.

2. Don’t hit the snooze button

You’ll get in the dreaded sleep inertia zone where you keep hitting the snooze button 3, 5, 7 times or more. Instead, commit to wake up. Make yourself a cup of coffee.

3. Delay your first cup of coffee by about 15 minutes

Natural inertia will wake you up in the beginning. If you drink coffee the minute you wake up you’re likely to over-consume caffeine, studies show.

4. You skip breakfast

Mother and daughter (4-6) at table eating cereal
Mother and daughter (4-6) at table eating cereal

Studies show that people who eat breakfast are more alert all day, less likely to gain weight, and more productive.

5. You don’t wind down the night before

You might be a night owl but avoid coffee after 5pm if it wakes you up. Keep alcohol consumption down. Get a good night’s rest. 8 hours if best. Otherwise you’ll be lagging the next day.

6. You don’t sleep well enough

The National Sleep Foundation suggests avoiding daytime naps and evening doses of caffeine, alcohol and heavy food. It’s also important to stick to a consistent bedtime, even on the weekends. And get a solid 8 hours of sleep if you can; only 60% of American do.

7. You’re not seeking help

If you wake up tired, were you snoring? Have sleep apnea? Back pain making you toss and turn? Worries on your mind keep you awake? Dog snoring? Address those concerns.

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