The world’s smallest cutest coffee shop is in something totally iconic

Is this the world’s smallest cafe?

And did it only really cost £1?

Worlds Smallest Cafe Birmingham Engand

In England there are thousands of unused iconic red telephone boxes.

These are relics of when everyone used a landline from a phone booth including Superman.  The owner of those boxes BT (formerly called British Telecom) has an “Adopt a Kiosk” scheme where for just £1 local charities and community groups can buy underused red phone boxes from the company.

In Birmingham England, Red Box Coffee Kiosks has a plan.

It’s called Jake’s Coffee Box.  And it’s in….a… phonebooth.

Birmingham England Cafe

They’re opening a coffee shop and ice cream shop in 2 adjacent red boxes.

It should open the week of August 6.

Called Jake’s Coffee Box, it is located ion Eden Place just off Colmore Row in the city center.  It will serve a full variety of barista-served coffee drinks, pastries, hot chocolate and Jake Coffee Shop Birmingham England




How will they plump in the water?  Get electricity?  Ask them on their Facebook page

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