Behold the inner sanctum: a new coffee geek’s flavor wheel that makes you an instant coffee genius

Are you a coffee ubergeek?  Or know someone who is?

Here’s a new Flavor Wheel to help you and them to taste and identify every note in your coffee.

Soon you’ll be saying junk like “Golly this has a crisp intensity of Meyer Lemon, Cantelope and Maple Syrup with muted stone fruit notes and a clean finish.”   Look at you go!

It’s a mod by Counter Culture Coffee of the classic SCAA Flavor Wheel used by roasters and cafes nationwide.   As an insider you should know that Counter Culture is going out on a limb with this, even being heretical because it’s modifying the industry standard Flavor Wheel published by the Specialty Coffee Association of America. There could be hell to pay.

Check it out.  Print it out.  Share it.   ‘Cause you’re now a member of the Coffee Cognoscenti.