Biodegradeable Coffee Cups Embedded with Coffee Seeds Grow Flowers When Thrown Away

Some ingenious ecofriendly entrepreneurs at Reduce, Reuse, Grow are running a Kickstarter Campaign to sell coffee cups embedded with coffee seeds that grow flowers, trees, even vegetables.

It’s a wonderful solution to all the disposable coffee cups we use that fill up landfills.

Their premise is pretty amazing:

Americans drink 400 million cups of coffee a day.  Every year we throw away a staggering 146 billion disposable cups to drink all that coffee.    Even if the cups are recyclable, they still get into landfills after 2-3 uses.

What can we do?  These ingenious entrepreneurs embed seeds into the disposable coffee cups.  You bury them in your neighborhood, a garden, the woods, wherever.  This coffee cups biodegrade in about 185 days.  Different versions will grow trees, grass, flowers.

They have over 550 backers already on Kickstarter and are a Staff Pick.

See their Kickstarter video below.

And definitely support their Kickstarter campaign if you can.