20 Jaw-Dropping Coffee Inspired Artworks

These artworks take coffee to a whole new awe-inspiring level.

They are either made of or about coffee, in a new art form called Arfe, a mashup of the words Art + Cafe.

Here are 20 of our favorites.

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1. Manet’s Bar Scene by Karen Eland, all in coffee

Karen Eland paints out of Bend, Oregon using only coffee and water.  It’s impressive!  You can purchase her coffee creations on Etsy.


2. Boston Terrier by Angel Sarkela-Saur and Andrew Saur.

Angel and Andrew have pioneered the art movement by creating fine art using coffee.  Here’s one of our favorite images from their site CoffeeArt.


3. Portrait of Jay Chu by Red Hong Yi

Hong Kong artist and architect Red Hong Yi paints with coffee stains by planting the bottom of the coffee cup on her art like an impressionist making dots.  Here’s her most famous work, a portrait of Jay Chu.


Here’s a picture of her work in progress.  You can’t believe how intricate her work is.


4. Coffee Cup Slipper by Alfred Ng

For the coffee fanatic that has everything, get them a women’s fashion shoe made completely out of Starbucks coffee cups.  Now we feel foolish for all the times we’ve thrown out cups from Starbucks thinking they were worthless.  Buy prints of this artwork at FineArtAmerica.


5. Coffee Cup Painting at The Rocks Aroma Festival Down Under

Every year coffee cups filled with varying levels of coffee and creamer compose a painting at the Rocks Aroma Festival in Sydney, Australia.  Here’s the most recent winner.  All made from coffee cups!


And here is a closeup of how it’s done

Aroma Festival Sydney Coffee Cups

6. Portrait of Audrey Hepburn using coffee by Dirceu Viega

Of course portrait artist Dirceu Viega lives in Brazil and paints in coffee rather than watercolor!

Here’s his portrait of Audrey Hepburn.  You can see more more examples of his portraits at  DViega.com.

audrey-hepburn-coffee-art7. Coffee Kiss Sculpture by Johnson Tsang Cheung Shing

Johnson Tsang sculpts and like so many coffee fanatics he turned to coffee for inspiration.  You can see more of his art examples at Johnsontang.com.


8. Portrait from Josephine Ryan

This is a portrait drawn purely in coffee by Josephine Ryan and it’s beautiful.


9. Memories of Amsterdam by Artist Steven Mikel

Artist Steven Mikel has created a series of paintings called Dark Roast Watercolors purely with coffee.  Here’s his homage to the European city with the most free-flowing ideas and tolerant culture, central to its vibrant coffee culture…painted in coffee, of course..


10. World’s Largest Coffee Bean Painting

What do you get with 1,000,000 coffee beans that weigh 187 kilograms and a lot of glue?  This.  Behold, the world’s largest coffee bean painting in Russia’s Gorky Park.  Certified by the Guinness Book of World Records.


Here is a closeup.


11. World’s Smallest Nativity Scene on a Coffee Bean

What else can we say?  Artist Aldo Caliro of Naples, Italy has painted the world’s smallest nativity scene on a coffee beans.  The wait is over.  Photo courtesy of the Daily Telegraph.


12. Caffe Florian’s Hall of the Illustrious Men

This isn’t a painting of or with coffee but it is perhaps the most beautiful and extravagant coffeehouse room in the world. Caffe Florian opened in San Marco Square in Venice Italy in 1720 and its Hall of the Illustrious Men has just been refurbished. Here’s a peek.
Restored hall of 18th-century coffee house reopens

13. Instant Coffee Paintings by Sunshine Plata

Filipino artist Sunshine Plata paints with instant coffee and is getting worldwide acclaim for her artwork.
Here she is at work with instant coffee.

14. Portrait of Queen Elizabeth on a Coffee Bean

World renown British miniaturist Willard Wigens has sculpted Queen Elizabeth on a side of a coffee bean. This is said to be the world’s smallest portrait of the Queen. We think it’s awesome. Photo from DigitalSpy.

15. Recycled Coffee Art by Liv Buranday

Nurse by day and artist by night, Liv Burunday has elevated coffee inspired art to a new level. She’s even started the popular hashtag #groundcoffeeart