Here’s 8 Ways to Stream Coffee Shop Buzz To Boost Your Creativity All Day Long

Many studies show that the sounds of the hum and buzz of a busy coffee shop boosts our creativity and allows you to get more done.  Either because it provides white noise that filters out distractions or because it gives us a feeling that others are around us being productive, it just works!

And now you don’t need to travel to the cafe any longer. Here’s our pick for the 8 best ambient cafe sound generators that you can stream from anywhere.  Several even have apps you can run on an iPhone or Droid.

Enjoy and don’t forget to share with your friends who might need it.

Fun fact:  Coffitivity founder Ace Callwood recently told the Atlantic Cities that the site’s biggest streaming market is Seoul, South Korea.

1. Coffeetivity


Coffeetivity may be the ultimate destination for coffee shop buzz noise. It’s what we listen to at JavaLush.

2. Soundrown

Choose from any of Soundrown’s 10 sound generators that range from a cafe to birds.

3. Noisli

Noisli lets you click on up to 16 different sounds like cafe, stream, rain that you build into your own custom ambient loop.

4. MyNoise

You’ll love the 25 different ambient sound loops on MyNoise that include their CoffeeShop generator.

5. Ambient-Mixer has 10 different cafe sound loops including this one of a rainy cafe in Venice, Italy.

6. Rainy Cafe

7. Songza

8. Two Hours of Cafe Video on YouTube
This is a YouTube feed that of Knights Town Coffee in Ireland that lets you see the exterior of the coffee house. For those who want to go further than their corner cafe.