You need a hipster gear-powered grinder for your bike

This could be the ultimate coffee hipster accessory: a human-powered coffee grinder that attaches to the frame of your fixed-gear bicycle.

Their tagline is “Your coffee tastes better when you grind it by foot.”

It’s so hip that we even wonder if we’re being fooled.  Is this a joke?

After all, this was invented by Dan Hill and Dave Buonaguidi, British ad guys.  Ad men are known for……generating publicity through stunts.   And their website appeared down at last check.  Hmmmm.

Well don’t just stand there, start an Indiegogo or Kickstarter campaign for this.  These bike grinders were allegedly selling for $575 each through their website.

02 03 geargrinder

bike coffee grinderHipster Coffee Grinder

03 gear_grinder1
We don’t even want to know how you grind coffee for a family of 4 with this device. You’d have to ride around town to just make your first pot of coffee in the morning.