If Apple’s Jony Ive were as obsessed with coffee as he is iPhones you’d get this coffee grinder

The British engineer behind the new Rok Coffee Grinder may remind you of James Dyson the inventor of the bagless Dyson Vacuum Cleaner.  His product will too.

If Apple were to design a hot new manual coffee grinder it would be the Rok Grinder featured here.

The IndieGogo campaign for this grinder was so hot that it raised $225,000 over 400% more than requested from over 1,600 funders.

It’s beautifully machined by Patrick an entrepreneur and engineer in the United Kingdom out of stainless steel, operates more quietly than any manual grinder we’ve heard and is just plain gorgeous.  Did we say gorgeous? Bevel gearing?  Gorgeous!

You can still get in on it here at IndieGogo of you can gawk at it in the video above.