Try this 1 awesome new feature in the Starbucks app update

Starbucks just released an update to its app for the iPhone and Droid phones.

There’s 1 killer new feature.  It hasn’t been in prior releases of the app.  And it’s still in beta, so your mileage may vary.

You can now order, customize and pay for drinks ahead of time. Then you pick it up in store.

The will REALLY help your office intern who’s taking orders for everyone and then holding up the whole line at Starbucks. Now they can order and pay ahead of time. Joy!

It helps all of us in line to not get steamed up when someone ahead of us in line orders for the whole office.  Now they can order ahead of time.  Yay!

The app will let you even customize the order.

It also keeps records of your favorite drinks. So you can order them again.

The feature is still in beta so you might run into hiccups. For instance, this customer said:
Starbucks app order featureSome customers are also reporting that the feature hasn’t yet been pushed to their phones  (we’re among them).

Thanks Starbucks for figuring out new and awesome ways for us to spend even more money faster on coffee.

(h/t Kristin Wong at Lifehacker)