Would you drink marijuana-infused coffee? Here’s what it is

This brings new meaning to the term “wake and bake”

If you have aches and pains or coffee makes you jittery, here’s your answer.

We’re seeing the rise of “weed coffee.”

With marijuana completely legalized for medical and recreational use in 4 states and legalized for medical use in another 18, we’ve begun to see the rise of cannabis-infused coffee as seen in this video.  It’s part of the pot economy that includes marijuana in everything from cookies to

With the new marijuana-infused coffee that have begun selling you’ll be able to both wake up and get rid of those lingering aches and pains at the same time according to the roasters.  Of course you have to be careful to respect the laws of where you live.

They’re available in Keurig-style K-Cups, loose bags, and pods, in dark, medium and light roasts.  So you can prepare marijuana-infused coffee in all kinds of coffee machines.

An example of the new suppliers of this House of Jane’s brand Jane’s Brew comes infused with marijuana oil.  They also have for a line of marijuana-infused creamers.

Would you drink marijuana coffee?