The Most Popular Starbucks Drinks in America’s 17 Largest Cities

starbucks beverage preferences around the USWhat city do you think leads the USA in ordering Green Tea Frappucinos (hint: West Coast)? Iced Coffee? In what city do Starbucks customers ask for an extra shot of expresso more than anywhere else in the US?

Your questions are answered in this map.

Here’s a map created by Starbucks analysts that looked at hundreds of millions of transactions, as originally published in Quartz.

Do you agree with the rankings?

One major trend they found was that the Southern states led by Florida, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Oklahoma, Hawaii and southern California do indeed order much more iced coffee than Northern states, to the surprise of no one.  That makes sense — the climate’s hotter.  Except Boston.  It leads the country in iced coffee.  Why we can’t figure out. (nor can people in Boston we asked)

Also cities vary in whether they like Dark, Medium or Light Starbucks.

Here’s where each roast level was most popular.

Dark: Seattle, Boston, Memphis, and Minneapolis.

Medium: New York, San Francisco, Portland, and Phoenix.

Light: Chicago, Philadelphia, Denver, Tampa, San Antonio, and Charlotte

One thing’s for sure:  for all their back-to-basics slow food movement, residents of Portland OR aren’t so earthy  after all– they still prefer EggNog Lattes more than anyone else in the US.