9 Starbucks cup sleeves turned into artwork by the anonymous #Sleevebucks

The average Starbucks drinker throws away 275 cup sleeves a year.

But not #Sleevebucks, an illustrator who turns those sleeves into delightful works of art.

You may never look at the mermaid on those Starbucks sleeves as worthless ever again once you admire Sleevebucks.

Here are 10 of our favorites.

1. Tony Starkbucks

Tony Starkbucks2. Caffeine Is My Wonder Drug

Caffeine is My Wonder Drug

3. Cuptain Americano

Cuptain Americano of Sleevebucks

4. Bean-Addict Cumberpatch(as Sleevelock Holmes)

Sleevelock Holmes

5. Vegeta

Vegeta Sleevebucks

6. Hello I am Antonio Granderas

Hello I am Antonio Granderas Sleevebucks

7. The Cold Press Never Bothered Me Anyway

The Cold Press

8. Holy Mermaid, Batman

Holy Mermaid Batman

9. It’s the Dread Pirate Yarrrbucks

It's the Dread Pirate YarbucksNow if these are awesome to you, share them with friends and follow #Sleevebucks on Instagram or Tumblr.