Meet the Creator of The World’s Most Expensive Coffee at $1,500 a POUND

Here’s the story of Blake Dinkin who has spent 10 years creating the world’s most expensive coffee.

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It’s called Black Ivory Coffee Company. At $1,500 a pound the coffee is about 100 times more expensive than ordinary specialty coffee.

Or it’s 200 times more expensive per pound than Dunkin Donuts, Seattle’s Best, and your ordinary Folger’s.

But he’s selling a very limited edition product. It’s from only 26 elephants on a Thailand refuge run by the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation. It’s only roasted 3 kilos (2 pounds) at a time. It’s prepared in an exclusive old-world siphon.

Black ivory Coffee Siphon And it’s sold exclusively to 5 Star Hotels.

It’s from….you can guess where we’re going with this….elephant dung.

You might think that would limit is appeal. But Kopi Luwak from Sumatran civet cats has been wildly popular. So popular in fact that hucksters now sell Kopi Luwak who are caging the civets and make them eat only coffee beans. Kopi Luwak drinkers have become cynical.

But Black Ivory Coffee is way beyond Kopi Luwak. The elephants are living a life of luxury, on a private refuge, with frequent medical checkups. They’re treated better than any civet cat we know. They roam the range, uncaged. And it claims to have a mild, full body coffee flavor, like what Kopi Luwak used to be before demand exploded.

This is the drink of billionaires, sheikhs, and elephant herders.

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