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Get the Excitement Back In Your Daily Coffee

A subscription from JavaLush gives you an adventure in coffee discovery with an exclusive new coffee release every 2 weeks delivered fresh to your door

The Cure for the Common Coffee

Are you still drinking the same old boring coffee? Feel like there’s a world of new coffees to discover? This is the coffee subscription that brings you variety, excitement and fun with a new exclusive coffee release every 2 weeks. You’ll go from tired to excited with every JavaLush box.

No Commitments. 100% Free Shipping Always

A Coffee Subscription for Fanatics

Only the Best Single-Origins

Only 1 out of every 10 coffees is good enough to get into a JavaLush subscription.

Variety You Can Taste

Each box gives you a new flavor, country, varietal, altitude, processing method or farm.

Learn Something New

No coffee snobs here. You’ll get clear tasting notes and tips with each new coffee.

Get a Fresh JavaLush Box Every 2 Weeks and Never Run Out of Coffee You’ll Love

Enjoy a constant variety of new and interesting coffees

Perks You’ll Love

  • 6 ounces every 2 weeks delivered fresh to your door
  • Enough for 1 distinctive cup of coffee every day
  • A new unique single-origin every time
  • Roasted to order and shipped within 24 hours
  • Comprehensive Tasting Notes describing each coffee
  • A Signature Coffee Recipe in every box teaching you a new coffee drink or dessert
  • Always Free Shipping
No Commitments. 100% Free Shipping Always

Why Subscribers Love the Coffee Club

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The Easiest Most Affordable Way to Rekindle Your Love for Coffee

1/3 the cost of a cup of coffee at that famous Seattle-based coffee chain

No Commitments. 100% Free Shipping Always

How It Works

Change online your desired amount anytime before order ships

Receive automatically an exclusive new coffee release every 2 weeks

Delivered Rocket Fast by USPS First Class Mail

Enjoy Better Coffee in Any Coffee Maker

You’ll taste better coffee from a conventional home drip machine or something more artisanal like a pourover setup — your choice

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Let Us Send Coffees You’ll Love

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